Melanie Hammerl

Specialist on the subject of blood plasma

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Blood plasma donation centers

Human blood plasma contains many different proteins. Antibodies (immunoglobulins), for example, are used to defend against infections (viruses, bacteria and other pathogens).

Plasma-derived drugs also play an important role in the treatment of various types of cancer (e.g. leukemia).

Drugs made from blood plasma are irreplaceable in surgery, emergency medicine and in the treatment of many serious and chronic diseases. Blood plasma is therefore an important basic material for many valuable drugs. Due to the experience of INOSOLVE experts in this field, we can offer from pure consutling services to complete blood plasma donation center in modular design.

Your advantages

  • Due to the diverse project work, excellent network and relationships with a large number of other external experts from various specialist areas and from fractional companies
  • Cooperation with engineering offices and plant constructors
  • Project work in Europe, Asia and America
  • Our experts are experienced in dealing with different cultures and lifestyles.
    Our experts are used to traveling and being abroad.
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Our services

  • GAP Assessment of the existing systems
  • Project development for a customized system for your needs
  • Implement/update global quality management system requirements.
  • Writing the Site Master File
  • Computer-aided system validation according to GAMP5 / EU GMP Guideline Annex11
  • Implement/optimize data integrity requirements.
  • Qualification/validation and process verification
  • Qualification of
    Freezers for plasma freezing,
    Plasma storage center, transport of frozen plasma to a central warehouse for fractionation.
  • Development and implementation of GMP basic/refresher trainings
  • Subject-specific training (dealing with deviations, controlling changes,
    Inspectors, customer qualification engineers on qualification and calibration requirements).