Our motto

“If your passion comes from the heart, you don’t need experience with us. Because experience comes with time, passion is shaped by interest and heart.”

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We hire enthusiasts!

At INOSOLVE, we love two things above all: our employees. And the values they represent. And because there are so many values for so many people, we have compiled the most important ones into a few points. After all, as a pharma or healthcare enthusiast, you want to know if we are “the right people” for you, don’t you?

So what distinguishes INOSOLVE and what makes us so special?

With us, everyone can live their strengths #beyourselfatinosolve

You are curious and want to learn more? Follow us on LinkedIn or contact our HR experts Katharina Hohmann & Jan Mach directly. They will be happy to tell you what opportunities and jobs you have at INOSOLVE and in which area you can start immediately.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Jan Mach
Managing Director
Global Head of People